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tv   Kick off - Against all Odds  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2017 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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i don't think. when cities are engulfed by the sea. then all the. walls and costly protective measures and. nothing. challenging our future starting november night own. wild water bread the selfie let's get him to eat boy.
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even if you are small you can achieve big things. even if you are different you can belong. even if you're not the best you can be the best. like sunday early saying he wants to be the first african train it's a coach the top european league doesn't sound too hard right. if i give a do list of. mates to get the coaching job. you should do this before you have like mr bailey here to learn how to kick it in the toughest courses of jamaica's capital. that even make me strong in life you know. and will be any become the first ethiopian to earn a professional contract in europe. i have. that's more like it hold your head high believe in your dream and you can achieve anything no matter
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how hard welcome to kick off life against all odds. makers. and welcome to america. maybe not but they have. to meet. that's a place. i want to learn more about he and of course more about his culture. before meeting leon i hit downtown to
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talk to some locals. you know this is. reggae music to my ears. but where is he from. i. mean the gun is you. know you i don't know jamaica. meeting up with. dreadlocks. she doesn't have dreads anyway well one brit. this could include. sort of first thing i want to know is how it's. been ireland some jamaicans and you know a lot of it i would call trying to. explain his nickname explain where did that
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come from. my dad gave me the name and we just started before. he's just like yeah you know you know. i've been i mean i've been from that i've been and chipmunk movie yeah let's see if he does. everybody have been on the chipmunks until it was you know until it was chipmunk until it was chippy you know. but somebody said you know they have been close here. my life on ok no i love the moment so. so by the end of this interview i'll be calling you chipping in this. morning on this road landslide was no walk in the park you know when i look back on my life that i didn't go so at peace it wasn't easy and i mean it wasn't bad as well but. it was difficult times i was there with my mom and everything i've experienced
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a lot of things there that even make me stronger in life you know so next picture you relate to this. my life. and the only younger one will always be able to be guys and everybody see that the talent and yet it didn't stop me from playing with the big guys because i could actually handle the situation and ever since i've been playing with all of us ok and you still do now and now i know you make a very young age came over to europe a young. right here. so this picture means a lot to me why because two or three pioneers who first came to europe we didn't have any experience of winter or nothing up tall and i remember we came with only one jacket to you and that must be crazy and we came through in the winter time was
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due in february when it's really cold in austria no one we were young i was twelve thirteen thirteen we didn't have so much money we had to live off a budget sometimes we would have to read. for breakfast lunch and dinner just to go through the day and just know that yeah because we had a dream from we were very young. to become. one when you go back to jamaica although jamaica santa they call you the european jamaican or what you know they everybody's seen me as a jamaican of course everybody know that i'm doing it big in you but jamaicans are like because they never try to give up their culture. all right now staying on the theme of jamaican because part of this is just to help our viewers out there learn more about jamaica all jamaicans like reggae music.
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is not true. jamaican like reagan. so we're kind of music do you like well of course reagan music because jamaica is my hometown and. next to reggae in jamaica and that's the basically biggest thing right now in jamaica down. to you know yeah i'm line right now honestly i'm more of a bob marley fan i guess i'm in the same community here. so if you play dancehall music for your teammates here labor because they are like gonzo music. and the deuce them to it and they introduce leon to a bit of german culture to do you know. i read somewhere that you saying he's speaking from eating yams so the stereotype question here is
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all jamaicans can run fast. growing food which would be. potato. those things so i think that's what. makes us originally strong begun fast you know so have you ran with him yet have you tried to run i've never tried to run a team. don't think on this at. all jamaicans or late when i'm here i'm never like that i'm. always on time all it in jamaica it's a different thing it's a different culture i think it is true because most people are always late like they would tell you some stories you'd never believe. it's hard for me to believe. everything is irie i guess is that too much too much is yeah that's not so modern ok with everything good money everything good money every month so that
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means like everything is good money. leon should be bay which has come a long way in his twenty years in plans to go even further i have. a lot more to go and this is. always a learning process you know so i'm just going to continue on. in the future and so are better things and more things will come my head. i have a good time too let's leave labor couzin with bob marley.
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how do you become a professional footballer in germany for the past three months we've been accompanying freely on his mission to do just that with his dream become reality will he find a club in your time for the final episode in our series. ok we're back to check up on. the promising talent from ethiopia his efforts to find a club in germany did not work out. but it took the plane to mania and
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a few days later his agent alfredo gave me a call with the good news. just signed a contract. when he is now wearing red and white he signed the contract with. a ok. after returning from my holidays i'm taking the first plane to albania i don't know much about a benyon football that's gonna bail sounds like an interesting time in two thousand and fifteen that became the first abang inside to reach the playoff round of the champions the last two numbers are red and dropped into the open but we're still the first of a new team to qualify for the group stages of a level competition now scan the mayo have a chance to repeat that success and again they face deny. after drawing
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trace a goalless draw would be enough to make scandal bale's dream come true defense comes first meaning few chances for young forward been. the ninety six minutes left millman watch out europe scan the bayeux. been in the stadiums parking lot didn't get on the pitch but making his first one for you pin match is a big kitchen. the fans love the african play since started integrating african talents like beneath and as gambian roommate alice so when the provincial team has improved its fortunes.
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than thirty minutes delayed we're heading to the players' party at an exclusive. the best part. place was definitely not cheap it came close to my imagination of the exclusive world of being a professional footballer. so that the next morning we have an important appointment at public t.v. station only after it seems like he's not one hundred percent fit for the camera. straight he's doing a special first. and it's journey to the land of the skipper. so how can we call you. names. we say always.
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ok it's also interesting how i first describes his job as a player. the editor. came first like a top for a half years ago. and it was a strange experience to be interviewed and to be dumped on a brisk walk to new programming bring it to be premier see minister two of the for the three days often capital tirana being spend his time doing nothing eating and sleeping. and i was. three weeks. and exit. then i went. it was very hard you know i didn't get brick bats to be professional player and. to see my future. i have to try these parts on his.
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first play up from the top to. sign him in europe you know in one club from europe . here's the press it was with the sixteen yeah. with the national team and now it's the second. place on the press plane in europe from a top you know but he was the sec is a sort of. the new seems happy and scandal beo were given time to adapt he's making good money and his chance of playing in their own party wrote. the following offering to obtain yeah looks like it was the right. just again so i thought. i was
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i. going to miss. beard as a little sister's just a definitive as a father. just . couldn't it was over and. football is loved in africa. break players have come from the continent and they're successful everywhere they go but while the african coaches in europe's top leagues we ask are they simply not given the chance. very good job to go down to come on come on. look at an
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african coach puts his team through its paces this is forty. a traditional club in the dutch second division sunday only say is one of the first football players from africa to turn coach in the european league. to task ahead of me was herculean. if i give you the new stuff. to get. you through this before you have to realize by africans that. you have to do your best because you're not only question for you. you're pushing for the continent you know because how would you do might influence how it might be given a chance because the problem i have my friend when i came was that i had nobody to me to. i had no. african coach did it let me try and do like this
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there was no. why no successful african coaches in europe there's no shortage of talent from the continent on the pitch. a drug. yeah yeah to ray. emerick obama. and samuel eto just to name a few journalist kristin davis has written a book on the subject his german title translates to i will run like a black person to live like a white person. often . hangs. myself level. for a full months christan he gave us travel across the continent to discover the structure and the magic of the beautiful game in africa and the world is full of you that
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such hope fantasy and design in his book gave us analyzes the different perspective . as of football in africa and takes a look back at the game's roots. the scientists out of. the if with eyes and discipline you want. the food. in qunu. you a man with a constructive here and out of the ten so active and i wish you all the best on of costs even down the hall on the following to the boat developments on the manager of. sunday always a is an african people. but he's also well known across europe. he had a successful playing career in the bundesliga with cologne numberous adornment he
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also played for i.x. and eventis when he finally hung up his boots he completed his coaching badges in england it's difficult getting the coaching badge just because. several dispositions that are given to you if you are citizens to get those by just that you as an african might not get. the caps only say earn for nigeria what any use wears european internationals could use that is to skip some steps of the course. graphic and it's a long and expensive process. so i think that's a hindrance maybe why some african. first of all going to spend all this money and get this badge even if i get it i'm not sure i'm going to get a job anywhere in twenty fifteen only say became coach of the nigerian national team but left after one year following i dispute with a nigerian f.a. who took over otto pfister and think also german coaches with
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a long history of working in africa sunday only say believe that an african could do it to stephen keshi. was a successful player in europe before coaching nigeria to victory in the african cup of nations and guiding them to the world cup but he had a cite say even higher. because she was not just only a big soccer player he was also because. if steve was saying this because i know him also he was and is because he had also tried in lots to get coaching opportunities in europe and did those were always close for him. being he won the african cup of nations with congo following his own successful playing career in europe he came to the same conclusion. that tell you from the experiences from their own difficulties they faced so. we
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must respect what you say what's. on optimistic and positive minded person the question is what can we do to change it you know it's hard getting. the jobs because nobody would give you an easy job to start with is to show what you can do something wholly saves a charger for tuna sits out at the beginning of the year on the back of a tenth straight defeat they found themselves at the bottom of the table he saved them from relegation this season the club line second position which could mean promotion come the end of the campaign. i don't know what the secret is to success but i can just tell you i can give you an idea of what i did i came from africa i saw different leagues different cultures different plane styles so i think that's. the disick wittes what i did here was that first i came i looked at the team.
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and i needed to have players who were hungry. player the type who work. at the league's poorest club only say makes up for lack of funding with hard work he is well on his way to becoming the first african coach to experience any real success in europe. and in my little fun places i know more than a good. little is this just a minnesotan reply that i bicycled if you are going off upon this and you know he has a point. but i told myself just i can also play it when the chance comes i must be ready for a good one trainer fights for promotion coaching fortune assists and also for the african continent to get back on the boat i ordered. yeah. yeah.
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yeah yeah yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. yeah
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. my name is running i'm working for the club. i have been the pot off the club since. the stadium was started up in ninety sixty and finished in ninety eight with the tribune. the spectators that can fit in here is about four thousand their breakup was ten thousand back in seventy seven when the local teams scroll down and. played against each other.
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big clubs playing here is b.s. if battle going on the football were they women playing in the best they nationally and the men playing in their fifth best league and then.
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laundry international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week. revelations of sexual harassment by a powerful hollywood producer has sparked an international outcry protesting a worldwide pattern but anything change that's our topic on quadriga.
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